The Best Event Planning Facebook Groups Presenters Should Know About

As a Presenter, it’s essential that you also know other areas of the Event Industry. There’s no better place to get this information than from the people on the frontlines – Event Planners. recently released a list of 17 Facebook Groups that every Event Planner should join. I see this as an opportunity for presenters, as well. It’s a great way to gather knowledge directly from the people in the trenches.

Event Planners are your connection to the speaking circuit. I see this being useful in two ways. If you have questions about event logistics (contracts, setup, protocol), then join a group and ask around. It’s also a great place to meet planners who may be the conduit to your next speaking engagement – a win-win for both sides of the banquet table.


The Best Event Planning Facebook Groups Presenter Should Know About

Facebook Groups with a focus on event planning are great places to find planning inspiration, troubleshoot with peers in the industry, network, and brainstorm creative ideas. Facebook Groups for event and wedding planners vary from public to private and are as small as 200 members to as large as 20,000 members. You might find that people in these groups are just getting started with an event planning career, or they may be experienced event professionals. 

To get the most from event planning Facebook Groups, join active groups that discuss topics relevant to your interests and don’t clog your feed with promotions. It’s also essential to participate and offer valuable insights yourself. 

We’ve done the research, read the reviews, and gathered the best Facebook Groups for event planners. Read on to discover which event groups are the best fit for you, and learn the best ways to contribute to the group after you join.