Retail Is Blurring The Line Between Physical And Digital

When done right, the retail experience can be just as engaging as a well-done live event. Retailers are moving away from marketing posters and mannequins into the “phygital” arena.

Many merchants are now using large LED screens as part of the in-store experience, creating a “wow factor” that drives people into a store. They’re the equivalent of window displays of days past.

Along with AR technology, we’re talking shopping like we’ve never seen before.

As fascinating as the technology is, however, retailers should always remember that content is king. Thus, carefully considering how the content is going to be delivered, how it’s going to be produced, etc. for retail displays.

“You can’t create a customer experience on a website, at least, not the immersive customer experience you can create in a retail environment. And digital is the way to do it—posters don’t cut it.”

Bruce Wyrwitzke, director of sales, PPDS