LIGHT IT UP! + Background & Wardrobe with Hollywood Stylist, Charlie Nicholson.

The Hollywood Dream is the Mother-Load of our online audio and visual Imaging Consulting Services. We start by breaking down your entire technology system. From hardware to software to peripherals, we find out what is working and what needs improvement. We also introduce you to proper lighting and camera placement, so you’re perfectly lit and placed in the frame.

Charlie Nicholson

Then we bring in Charlie Nicholson, a Hollywood Film and Television Set Stylist. For the past 25 years, he’s styled sets for some of the largest and most popular productions in Los Angeles.

Because most presentation professionals spend most of their time creating and tweaking content, they often overlook their image as seen by their audience.

This is where Charlie takes over…

In a one-hour consultation, he’ll makeover your background and on-screen wardrobe using what’s already available in your home or office. Keeping expenses to a minimum.

No external backdrops.

No virtual backgrounds.

Charlie styles your environment with items you have on hand. Just as he would one of his productions.

Because of how fast-paced Hollywood schedule are, he’s used to working quickly with what’s available.

The way he balances room elements with color-psychology is mind-blowing, and quite an experience to be a part of.

About Charlie Nicholson

From 1993.. the first gig, a short film that takes place during Christmas in Berlin in 1936 to Season 2 of The Conners, I’ve worked in television and film for twenty-seven years and loved every moment. Disney to Paramount, Austin, and Ally to American Horror Story, I have had the honor to work on some of the stories that have entertained the world.

Born and raised in Hollywood, my mother worked for various producers; one cousin is an editor…his father a much-celebrated jazz producer. I was blessed to have gone to Hollywood High School and studied theater. And, because Hollywood High School, like many local schools, is a feeder to the industry, many of the kids I went to high school with have become co-workers.

I love what I do for a living. I create art.

Whether it is a bouncy musical story about high school kids in Nickelodeon’s saturated color or the muted tones of a cautionary tale about a family’s disintegration, I am challenged to do my best to create in order to tell the story. Not because I need to be heard saying it. Instead, because when folks get home from a hard day at work, they want to turn on the tv or go to the local cineplex and just be entertained for 1⁄2 hour or an hour and a half. That’s why I do it.

Recent Productions

The Conners Season 209/2019 – 03/2020
Shameless Season 1004/2019 – 09/2019
The Conners Season 109/2018 – 03/2019
Shameless Season 904/2018 – 09/2018
Rosanne Season 1008/2017 – 12/2017
Animal Kingdom Season 301/2017 – 08/2017
Fuller House Seasons 1, 2 & 309/2014 – 12/2016

From dancing around the earliest firepit to greenscreen and CGI to Zoom, it is all the same. The lighting, sound, costumes, hair, makeup, art direction, and camera are there for one reason. To honor the story. And, my job is to make sure that the story-teller is surrounded by the best elements to support that story.

-Charlie Nicholson

Charlie’s work

Television series – Aquarius
Television series – Aquarius
Television series – The Connors
Television series – The Connors
Television series – Aquarius

What is Set Dressing?

Charlie was featured on Fish’s Call Sheet, hosted by The Connors co-star, Michael Fishman.

“In the interview, Charlie takes us on a poetic journey behind the scenes of the entertainment industry. Nicholson reveals how set dressers layer in the texture of a set, immediately authenticating the audience’s adventure.

From the pragmatic reality of working on set, to the love of art, through pranks and challenges, you won’t want to miss the heartfelt way this episode ends. The ultimate message of how to succeed and overcome will resonate with me for years.”

CASE STUDY: 30 Minute Styling Session with Tracy Podell

Tracy Podell is a professional business coach and program facilitator. She helps startup execs master their leadership and communication skills so they can create sustainability and fulfillment in all areas of life.

As I was consulting with her on technology, I noticed that she could use a little color in her office, so I invited Charlie to balance the room and pull her forward in the frame.

Here’s what he did.

BEFORE – Tracy + Room

The room is (practically) monochromatic, and the lighting on Tracy’s right side is too bright.

BEFORE – Room Only

The room had very few accents, which we’ll add, but first, we adjusted the lighting to reduce brightness.

AFTER – Room Only

Charlie added a few splashes of color from items found around the house. Those colors helped create leading-lines that move the viewer’s eyes toward the center of the screen.

AFTER – Tracy + Room

With a few simple accents, the room has more dimensions, while bringing in contrasting colors complements Tracy and pulls her toward her audience.

Background Recommendations

Your background can be very busy. Books, photos, posters, and tchotchkes can upstage the presenter and the content. We’ll work with you to make your setting feel comfortable, and professional.

Items we’ll discuss are…

  • Cleaning up what’s visible in the camera frame
  • Removing what’s isn’t necessary
  • Creating softer backdrops
  • Adding what is necessary
  • Include branding in your backgrounds

Clean Backgrounds Examples

Soft background lighting highlights the presenter in the foreground.
The background is a little busy, but not enough to distract her audience.

Branded Backgrounds

A great WFH execution using a branded background. Like most WFH hosts, she’s using books in the background, which can be distracting to your audience.
This branded background gives the impression that guest is in a television studio.

As I’m sure you’re aware, your background can get very busy.

You don’t notice it because it’s part of your everyday life. It’s part of your environment.

Your audience, however, sees everything that is happening behind you.

Removing distractions that may upstage your presentation will allow your participants to focus on your content, and not the titles on your bookshelf or family pictures.

We’ll work with you to make your setting feel comfortable, and professional.

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