Live Event Technology Consulting for Presenters

The transformative power of real-world human connections.

We all know what happens when people connect in person. Big things happen.

I’ve been advising Executives, Coaches, and Speakers on how to execute live event experiences through technology for over two decades.

My mission is to educate Business Leaders so they can spark engagement, enable change, enrich lives and move people, teams, and organizations forward.

Having spent many years working in A/V on Live Events, I’ve seen just about every sort of technical snafu imaginable and how frustrating it is on communications experts like yourselves.

These experiences led me to the creation of a new consulting service…

Live Event Technology for Coaches, Speakers, and Presenters.

Photo by Teemu Paananen on Unsplash

These group workshops, one-on-one training, and Zoom meetings are designed specifically with the professional presentation community in mind.

If you use the stage as a platform to convey your message and are still uncertain about how your presentation is delivered, then you’ll benefit highly from understanding the fundamentals of the technology involved.

Simply knowing the basics will make you feel much more confident. However, if you want to excel, we also offer an advanced class that takes a deep dive into the minutia of the items in the course outline below.

A few items taught in this course are:

  • Understanding the technologies involved in a corporate event
    • Sound systems, Video displays, Cameras, Lighting
  • How to properly communicate your technical needs to the Audio Visual staff
  • The Dos and Don’ts of embedding audio and video into your presentations
  • What to ask your Event or Planning Coordinator about the A/V setup
  • Proper lapel, handheld, and podium mic proximity for your best intelligibility
  • Working with Cue Systems, Teleprompters and Scripts
  • Internet connectivity – Wired vs. Wi-Fi. (Pro Tip: Never Wi-Fi.)
  • Zoom, Teams, Webex sessions
  • And much more

Additional Services:

  • Review and assist with negotiating Live Event A/V contracts
  • Technology Travel Partner and Onsite Support

One thing to point out is that this isn’t a technical class. It’s a class designed to instruct presenters how to properly communicate so you can bridge the gap that separates a smooth presentation from last-minute chaos.

You already know how to speak to your audience. It’s just as important to understand how to speak with your technical staff.

Proper communication will ensure that your message is delivered as intended.

Working together prior to you taking the stage, you’ll be more comfortable communicating your Corporate Training, Leadership, Education or Sales Presentation knowing that the technical side is handled.

Interested? Let us know below.