A 120″ 8K LCD from Sharp

Now that’s a lot of display.

From Rave Pubs.

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America just introduced today the new 120” class (diagonal) 8M-B120C 8K Ultra-HD Professional LCD display. The 8K monitor packs in 33 million pixels, four times more than a 4K panel, and is aimed at applications like corporate lobbies, showrooms, museums and video production.

Rave has all of the techie details. Click below for more info.

The virtual wine and dine – for clients

Here are four other lessons from Inc. 5000 companies that are wining and dining clients virtually.

1. Send care packages in advance. 

Before the age of Covid-19, client meetings were generally casual affairs for Stefanie Hill, who runs the San Francisco office of IT management consulting firm Pariveda, an 11-time Inc. 5000 company (No. 4,791 in 2019). “As in ‘Let’s go grab a cup of coffee,’ or ‘Let’s go grab a glass of wine,'” she says.

Hill is still picking up the wine tab–only now she plans ahead. For two recent client meetings, she headed to the post office in advance and shipped wine to the clients’ homes, along with wine glasses etched with the Pariveda logo. This touch createda way for her to match what they were drinking and leave them with a Covid-era keepsake. For a recent morning discussion with counterparts from Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, she mailed fresh coffee from Brandywine Coffee Roasters and Pariveda mugs. “We actually found a blend called ‘Social Distancing,'” Hill says.

2. Add the element of surprise. 

For many remote workers, the Zoom window has become a constant presence on computer desktops. To liven up video calls, Kristen Liggett, group account director at Agency EA, an experiential marketing agency based in Chicago (No. 2,127 on the Inc. 5000), is telling clients to expect a delivery one hour before their meeting–but won’t say what. En route: a bottle of rosé and assorted cheeses and snacks from a nearby gourmet market.

 “Who doesn’t love a surprise?” says Liggett. “And it adds a layer of fun rather than expectation,” she adds.

Esports Venue Requirements For A successful event

1. Room to spare  

Gone are the days when two teams of five players gathered in a room to battle each other on the video game frontier. With some of the biggest esports live events recording attendance levels of more than 100,000 people, the venue must be large enough to house a crowd. A venue that’s too small will make the players feel uncomfortable—no one wants a spectator to infiltrate their personal space during tense moments of play.

Common esports venue types that meet varying size needs:

  • Dedicated esports venues
  • Movie theaters 
  • Convention centers

2. A centralized location 

You know venue location is one of the most important factors when it comes to event turnout. Don’t select a site that’s off the beaten path. After all, a substantial portion of your players and spectators probably don’t have driving licenses and will rely on parental drop-offs or public transportation. Some parents might even be wary of hauling their kids to a far-flung venue, let alone leaving them there for a day-long tournament.

3. The necessary licensing

Video games fall under the same copyright protection as other audiovisual works. Creators and publishers have the right to approve (or disapprove) the use of their games in public tournaments. Because of the rising popularity of these events, however, most publishers sell licenses to esports tournament organizers and third-party leagues—after all, it’s a source of revenue and an opportunity to promote their games. 

Top Benefits of Virtual Events

Adding Virtual As An Aspect Of Your Show, Booth, Event, Conference Has Massive Benefits For facilitators.

  1. You are not limited by location. Your audience is now global. This means your experience can happen at any time and from anywhere. You may invite as many people as you want from wherever you want, so think about how to make this work for your brand most effectively. Is there a market you wish you could expand to but haven’t been able to get a foothold on the ground as of yet? This may be an opportunity for introducing your business or product to a completely new – and diverse – crowd.
  2. Your stage is as big as you want to be, with all the bells and whistles you desire. Say you always wanted lasers and dry ice as your intro but couldn’t make it work with your budget – here you go. Dazzle them with theatrics onscreen.
  3. Your entire event may be recorded and replayed by your audience at their convenience. This is a huge bonus, as we are all tight on time. Given both professional and personal constrictions, having the ease of “attending” when it’s convenient instead of when it’s actually happening may allow for new attendees and admirers you would not have gained otherwise. Additionally, you might add gated forms to collect data and begin a long-term nurture marketing campaign.

Wuhan’s celebrates the end of the lockdown

The city where the Covid-19 outbreak started has celebrated the end of a 76-day lockdown with a midnight light and projection show. Imagery projected onto skyscrapers paid tribute healthcare workers, troops and police officers who worked tirelessly throughout the last three months to look after the 11 million residents.

How To Select An A/V Company For Your Live Event

High energy events require stimulating and invigorating audio visual to keep the crowd engaged and entertained.  Live events need the right amount of focus on the presentation so that everyone can see and hear clearly, even guests in the back of the room.  Whatever your ideas are, clear communication and the right questions to your AV solutions partner will guarantee that your event provides the AV services needed for success.  Talk to your AV solutions partner about your wants vs. your needs and see what room you have in the budget to achieve your most important goals.

It helps to know what you’re talking about before contacting AV companies with your questions and goals in mind.  Knowing the terminology and the equipment that may be available to best support your event will be helpful when contacting AV companies for your own AV event solutions.  Some venues offer AV services at a discount, this is where some education will really help you to make the best decision.

Third party Audio Visual production companies may offer innovative and creative ideas with more advanced equipment or just better solutions. It pays to ask the right questions of any discount provider and a reputable AV services provider to fully understand your options.

The Best Event Planning Facebook Groups Presenters Should Know About

As a Presenter, it’s essential that you also know other areas of the Event Industry. There’s no better place to get this information than from the people on the frontlines – Event Planners.

Socialtables.com recently released a list of 17 Facebook Groups that every Event Planner should join. I see this as an opportunity for presenters, as well. It’s a great way to gather knowledge directly from the people in the trenches.

Event Planners are your connection to the speaking circuit. I see this being useful in two ways. If you have questions about event logistics (contracts, setup, protocol), then join a group and ask around. It’s also a great place to meet planners who may be the conduit to your next speaking engagement – a win-win for both sides of the banquet table.


The Best Event Planning Facebook Groups Presenter Should Know About

Facebook Groups with a focus on event planning are great places to find planning inspiration, troubleshoot with peers in the industry, network, and brainstorm creative ideas. Facebook Groups for event and wedding planners vary from public to private and are as small as 200 members to as large as 20,000 members. You might find that people in these groups are just getting started with an event planning career, or they may be experienced event professionals. 

To get the most from event planning Facebook Groups, join active groups that discuss topics relevant to your interests and don’t clog your feed with promotions. It’s also essential to participate and offer valuable insights yourself. 

We’ve done the research, read the reviews, and gathered the best Facebook Groups for event planners. Read on to discover which event groups are the best fit for you, and learn the best ways to contribute to the group after you join.  

3 Simple Rules For A Successful Panel

Panel Success

If you’re going to hold a panel discussion:

  1. Have a few panelists (3) not a lot, otherwise everyone will drone on about every question.
  2. Move things along and make sure audience questions are the focus.

The Advantages of Audio Visual Rental

The Advantages of Audio Visual Rental

The event industry is constantly evolving and the most popular components in any event are the audio and visual equipment. People use this equipment in order to create a more spectacular event and increase the energy of the event. Event management companies have stressed on several occasions that including these two components in presentations, conferences and marketing events. can be more fruitful than a simple event.

The present generation depends on technology more than anything and has set their priorities very clearly. In order to keep up with the need of the present generation, introducing technological aspects to the events is important now more than ever. However, many companies and enterprises prefer to rent the equipment than investing on them.

A company that holds occasional events has to invest on audio visual equipment or keep in touch with a reliable audio visual hire company. These companies have a stock of different types of equipment and provide their clients with the necessary gear for a specific event. Rental equipment is more cost effective and can help in investing that money in some other place.

Successful Technology Events Don’t Focus On Technology

Successful Technology Events don't depend on technology.

There’s more to a great tech event than blazing fast Wi-Fi, flashy A/V, or cutting-edge VR experiences. In fact, the biggest variables for great tech events don’t involve tech at all. Take it from these tech event veterans—if you want a tech event with some real byte, focus on these fundamentals.

Bryan Mattimore, cofounder of the Growth Engine Innovation Agency, facilitates interaction with idea-generation exercises. He recently planned an event for the California Institute of Technology that combined keynote speeches and workshops with teambuilding. “They went a long way in helping build community amongst a group of people that didn’t know each other before the event,” explains Mattimore.

Here’s how Mattimore got people talking: After listening to the keynote, the attendees engaged in a triggered brainwalk. Mattimore put up flip chart “ideation stations” around the room. Small teams of attendees brainstorm together, writing their action-oriented ideas based on the speech they just heard. Next, these teams rotate to their neighbors’ station and add to the ideas or create new concepts.

“We usually have teams rotate three or four times, generating new ideas at each step in the process. As a final step, teams rotate back to their original station and circle the ideas they like. “People are moving, making new connections, being creative, exercising their brains, and having fun.” – Bryan Mattimore, cofounder of the Growth Engine Innovation Agency