Samsung Release Human-Centric LED Lighting Products

Samsung is releasing its first package of what it calls “human-centric” LED lights that the company says can help make people feel more energetic or relaxed.

According to Samsung’s announcement, the lights now in mass production utilize precisely designed light spectra with optimized amounts of cyan to accommodate specific lighting needs at any given time.

Spectrum Engineering Recreates Natural Light

Discovering the melanopic spectrum that controls the melatonin hormone

Our solution effectively manages melanopsin sensitivity at a wavelength of 480 nm, playing a critical role in circadian rhythm control.

Key Features

  • Human Centric Lighting Solution
  • Maximization of Melanopic Ratio
  • Fine Tuned-spectrum for More Energizing Effect

Loudspeakers Enhance the Natural Ambiance at Helsinki Airport’s

Loudspeakers Enhance the Natural Ambience at Helsinki Airport’s

Part of a new terminal extension at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Aukio (Finnish for “square” or “plaza”) is a relaxing, fluid space where global travelers can gently immerse themselves in the unique sounds and sights of Finland’s vast landscape. Aukio is surrounded by a gently undulating, two-meter high Samsung 4K video screen — wrapping for 75 meters around the perimeter walls — that vividly displays Finland’s outdoor scenery cycling through the four seasons. Complementing the visual panorama is a subtle yet engaging multi-channel soundtrack, reproduced with precise definition by 27 Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers.

In contrast to the noise and bustle of most airport concourse lounges, Aukio provides an island of aural and visual serenity.

The goal of the project was to “create a showcase through which millions of international passengers will receive their first contact with Finland. The experience of Finnish design, fluency and peaceful nature will leave the traveler with a long-lasting, pleasant memory.”

– Joni Sundelin, director of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

The 10 Best Cities for Planning Careers

For new planners ready to launch an event planning career and experienced planners ready for a change, Social Tables gathered a collection of cities with bustling event scenes across industries. Read on to learn what makes each city perfect for the work and personal lives of planners. 

To find the best cities for event planners, Social Tables focused on the availability of event industry amenities and services, and quality of life attributes. Here are our top 10 picks and what they have to offer:

Pick the perfect city for your event planning career

From the charm of Atlanta and Austin to the hustle and bustle of Chicago and New York, you have plenty of options when it comes to finding the right work/life balance in the event planning business.

Samsung launches The Wall for Business

QLED 8K SMART Signage Now Operational 24/7
This year at ISE, Samsung will unveil the latest 2020 QLED 8K SMART signage – the world’s first 8K display capable of 24/7 operation.

The latest QLED 8K signage, model QPT-8K, features the exceptional picture quality Samsung QLED TV’s are known for, with captivating image presentation, HDR10+ technology and 100 percent color volume, plus perfect color accuracy and 2,000 nit peak brightness. The new signage is designed to be wall-mounted and is available in 65-, 75-, 82- and 98-inch versions perfect for a wide range of business needs.

Equipped with Samsung’s powerful AI Quantum processor 8K for content upscaling, it also features deep learning capabilities.

“Samsung is making tomorrow’s technology a reality with complete display solutions that are more immersive, collaborative and interactive than ever before. ISE is one of the best opportunities for Samsung to showcase advanced commercial applications of our industry-leading displays. We’re excited to unveil new features and expanded lineups of our digital signage with next-generation technology such as 8K, the new model of The Wall, collaborative displays and more that will provide businesses with opportunities they’ve never had before.”

Technology and Work-Life Balance

There is a symbol for the most significant workplace design trend in recent memory, and its near pervasiveness is a good indicator of the depth of change seen at the office since the turn of the millennium. The symbol is the ping-pong table, and many readers of this article will likely be within a good serve’s distance of one right now.

Conveniently, these objects are a powerful visual metaphor for the trend they represent: Work-life balance. Ah, work-life balance. Everyone wants to make sure they improve it, but it remains elusive as the back-and-forth of what is fun and what is productive bounces back and forth in favorability. The ping-pong table is a great recreational tool, but it’s also often the place where teams get enough distance from a work challenge that they spontaneously find a solution.

Therein lies the work-life balance. The addition of lighthearted, personal and comfortable options in the office is a productivity enhancement. And now there are metrics to prove it. New research, and human-centric analytics like the WELL Building Standard, are providing guidelines by which we can rate how well work is balancing with life in any given office.

It’s Impossible to Separate Technology from Space and People

In today’s world, technology and the workplace are not separate entities. Technology is part of nearly every workflow and every workplace, integrated into the fabric of how we work and what we do each day. As such, it’s impossible to separate technology from space and people, and anyone who tries to objectively design technology without considering the space and the people who will be using it will ultimately fail on some level.

It’s interesting because when you think about today’s modern workplace, you quickly find that it is at odds with itself. Designers are tasked with creating spaces that are flexible but consistent, provide open collaboration but deep focus, promote innovation but enable execution, are open yet private, and spaces that are personal while promoting community.

Then layer on top of that the varying mindsets and skill sets of the workers themselves and you start to get some sense of how difficult workplace and technology design can be.

Logitech Launches Zone Wired Headset for Personal Collaboration


Hear and be heard clearly with a wired headset specifically designed for busy open workspaces. Ready for business right out of the box, Zone Wired is certified for Open Office1.

The noise-canceling mic isolates your voice from the noise around you and the 40 mm audio drivers make calls as well as music sound great. In-line controls keep call functions handy as USB-C and USB-A adapter (included) ensure plug-and-play compatibility. Plus, Zone Wired is super comfortable for all-day use.


Zone Wired is designed with generously-sized 40mm drivers to deliver pure happiness for your ears. Full-bodied bass, crisp higher frequencies and incredibly low distortion create a satisfying overall sound whether you’re on a video call, listening to music, or toggling between the two.

Go ahead, create your own audio bubble on your own terms with a wired headset that sounds great even in the busiest open work spaces.


Zone Wired works with common calling applications across most all platforms and operating systems. Business certifications include Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, compatible for  Zoom, and works with other popular applications like Cisco Jabber, BlueJeans, and GoToMeeting to ensure compatibility and seamless integration in the workplace.

Sony and Logitech Join Forces on One-touch Conferencing

Sony Electronics today announced that it has joined the Logitech Collaboration Program. Through the program, Sony BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays are combined with Logitech Room Solutions for Zoom Rooms, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. The new One-touch Conferencing recommended solution creates an optimized, simple and robust video collaboration. Customers who purchase Logitech Video Collaboration products with a BRAVIA™ display receive a solution ideally suited for group collaboration at any time, and from anywhere.

“This collaboration puts an optimized video conferencing solution with 4K resolution into the hands of a wide range of corporate customers across the globe,” – Theresa Alesso, Pro division president, Sony Electronics. 

Collaboration Consulting. Enterprise design and deployment in 2020

Integrated information, communication, and technology (ICT) is the latest acronym that defines the work of consultants who are responsible for providing the design solutions and specification guidance that make enterprise spaces as functional and productive as possible. Just as our enterprise clients are, we are constantly adjusting to the metamorphosis in products, platforms, ecosystems and the user experience. Gaining mastery of the client’s collaboration workflow and IT-network roadmap is the secret sauce for integrating technologies into the organization’s global ecosystem. That’s because today’s decisions around unified collaboration (UC) are affecting the three most significant components of any facilities project: schedule, budget, and quality. Consultants have to be engaged earlier in the timeline, and we have to stay around longer to verify success.

Federal study confirms racial bias of many facial-recognition systems

Asian and African American people were up to 100 times more likely to be misidentified than white men, depending on the particular algorithm and type of search. Native Americans had the highest false-positive rate of all ethnicities, according to the study, which found that systems varied widely in their accuracy.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, the federal laboratory is known as NIST that develops standards for new technology, found “empirical evidence” that most of the facial-recognition algorithms exhibit “demographic differentials” that can worsen their accuracy based on a person’s age, gender or race.