Enhanced Virtual Meetings


Designed to help Coaches and Facilitators stream higher quality productions.

Directly from home.

For years, most of us have been presenting virtually with out-of-the-box technology for as long we’ve owned a laptop.

EVM believes it’s time to update visuals and technology.

Let’s get to next level production because the last thing an event leader wants is distracted participants.

Enhanced Virtual Meetings helps you make a few manageable modifications that can create enhanced “room” energy and an attentive audience. 

Most facilitators unfamiliar with interior, production or lighting design, aren’t aware their audience can become overpowered by background material.

– Charlie Nicholson, EVM Product Developer

Books, photos, posters, and personal items can upstage the presenter and the content. How many meetings have been interrupted by an unwanted background that wouldn’t let go?

EVM eliminates that.

Unlike “How to Use Zoom” tutorials or yet another “WFH Guide.”, Enhanced Virtual Meetings is made specifically for professionals who conduct online client facilitation.

EVM has three production packages to choose from.


The Essentials will have you ready to start presenting today.


  • Technology audit
  • Microphone, webcam, hubs recommendations
  • Virtual Meeting software review

Light it up!

The Essentials + Lighting & Background = better productions.


  • All capabilities of The Essentials
  • Lighting techniques
  • Background declutter
  • Office config
  • Products selection


Tech, lights + Space & Wardrobe by Stylist, Charlie Nicholson.


  • All capabilities of Light it up!
  • Consultation with Hollywood Super Stylist, Charlie Nicholson

EVM offers the benefits of working not just from your home but from your home production facility.