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5 Tips for a Better Online Image

1. The primary light source should be centered behind the camera. Have an extra light source—LED lamp or overhead light—so you can adjust the brightness of the room, if necessary.

2. The background color of the wall behind you should contrast the colors of your attire. “You don’t want to blend in.” Avoid wearing white and bright colors, which might reflect light and look oversaturated. Muted colors are best.

“A backdrop loaded with personal items, books, and family photos looks cluttered and is distracting to clients and co-workers.”

3. Adjust your chair height so the camera is positioned at eye level. Strategically place a pillow behind your back to remind you to sit up straight and “claim your space,” she says. Many people sit too close to the camera, so viewers feel like you’re in their face. The camera should be at a distance so more of you is visible. “It gives a feeling that you’re sitting in the same room.”

4. Make sure the office has furniture, draperies, rugs or other soft surfaces that help minimize echoing when you speak.

5. Some people wear appropriate attire from the waist up. “I’m a big proponent of head-to-toe dressing,” she says. “How you’re dressed overall is how you see yourself in the office. Our feelings project. With less of you visible, you want to project confidence.”

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Dave Lopez – Owner, Rumble A/V Consulting