10 Ways to Promote Your Events on LinkedIn

For planners looking to increase attendee engagement at professional and social events, LinkedIn has all the makings of a fantastic tool. Users tend to be on the platform for professional growth and networking. In fact, 91 percent of executives name LinkedIn as their first choice for “professionally relevant content.”

You’ll find LinkedIn Events in the menu bar on the left, below “Recent” and “Groups.” It’s an unassuming line that says “Events,” with a plus next to it. Click that plus, and start exploring what LinkedIn Events can “add” to your next event.

10 Tips for Promoting LinkedIn Events

1. Choose a dachshund-butterfly name 

Like a dachshund dressed as a monarch butterfly, your event name should be:

  • Short
  • Unique
  • Memorable

A good event name lets people know what to expect at your event, but it doesn’t have to convey every last timing detail and content nuance. It just needs to give people enough information to know whether they want to find out more. 

2. Use images that capture attention

Maybe when you were a kid, you were encouraged to “use your words,” but when it comes to marketing, definitely “use your images.” According to one study on visual marketing, three days after only hearing information, people are likely to remember just 10 percent of it. Add a relevant image, and three days later people remember an average of 65 percent! 

3. Deploy persuasive copy to sustain interest and answer questions 

Writing persuasive copy is a specialized field that is a career for some people. Good news: You can learn from those people.